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The Danish Government launches new Digitalisation Strategy 

The Danish Government is set to invest 2 billion DKK in the digital society over the next 5 years, with the ambition of strengthening common Danish welfare, accelerating the green transition and increasing growth, talent and exports through digitisation.

a digital pioneer country

As one of the world's most digitised countries Denmark is well equipped to implement new technologies and solutions for the benefit of citizens and companies. The new strategy contains more than 60 ambitious new initiatives to increase digital security and support the digital competencies of Denmark and Danish companies.


Denmark is an attractive country for foreign investors and the strategy creates an even better opportunity for Invest in Denmark to help companies that wish to invest in Danish strengths such as quantum, AI, FinTech, robotics and drones.
quote ikon
"Denmark is a digital frontrunner, and we must continue to show the way forward. With the digitisation strategy, we are planning a significant upgrade of digital Denmark. Digitization can make us richer, raise the quality of public service, free up manpower and accelerate the green transition. We must accelerate development and maintain our strong focus on security and accountability, so that Danes continue to have confidence in the digital society"
Nicolai Wammen Minister for Finance

9 visions in the digitisation strategy

Vision 1: Enhanced Cyber and Information Security

Vision 2: Coherent service for all citizens and companies

Vision 3: More time for the core task through increased use of technology

Vision 4: Increased growth and digital SMEs

Vision 5: The digital healthcare system of the future

Vision 6: Accelerating green conversion through digital solutions

Vision 7: A strong, ethical and responsible foundation

Vision 8: Denmark at the center of international digitization

Vision 9: Denmark equipped for the future
quote ikon
"With the digitisation strategy, we want to ensure a more digital Denmark. We need to invest in digital transformation for SMEs and more export of green digital solutions to the world so that our companies can be competitive and create good jobs for the benefit of welfare. We must also start educating our young people so that they have more digital skills that can be used later in the labor market. So we can make Denmark a showcase for digital solutions"
Simon Kollerup Minister for Industry, Business and Financial Affairs

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