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DigiPlex settles in Denmark with great expectations

Nordic data centre operator DigiPlex has opened its first co-location centre in Copenhagen. The company plans to build more facilities in Denmark and predicts a great future for the country’s well-positioned data centre market.
Copenhagen and the rest of Denmark are obvious targets for DigiPlex. The Nordic data centre company has already achieved a leading position in Norway and Sweden by designing, building and operating data centres – all with a strong focus on innovation, sustainability and security.

By taking over the Copenhagen data centre of the telco company Telia, DigiPlex has got off to a running start in Denmark, with Telia as an anchor customer that will open the door to more business.

DigiPlex CEO Gisle M. Eckhoff says Denmark’s great data handling potential makes it absolutely the right place to be. The next step could be to build a new Danish site to serve private and public organisations.

We have seen a very interesting development in the Danish market over the last couple of years due to a successful national strategy to prioritise and invest in fibre connections and the right energy setup. Denmark has recognised the potential of the data centre market and is well-placed due to its central location close to Germany and the rest of mainland Europe.

Gisle M. Eckhoff, CEO DigiPlex

Apple opened the door

Gisle M. Eckhoff believes that Denmark is just at the beginning of its data centre boom.

“Apple has been a true door opener for Denmark. The biggest market players have already decided on Denmark, and now the next 50 will look the same way. It’s the payoff from all the hard work to make Denmark attractive to data businesses.”

Invest in Denmark has helped DigiPlex and several other hyperscale data centres with the process of entering Denmark.

Getting closer to end users

DigiPlex sees its services as a supplement to hyperscale facilities and has prioritised locations close to the Nordic capitals. Looking ahead, the company has identified a growing need to be very close to end users for a number of data tasks. This is behind the strong potential for DigiPlex solutions in Denmark right now.

“The timing is perfect for us. First we want to establish our footprint in the Danish market, and then we will explore green field and brown field options for building our next data centre. Our focus is on domestic customers but we also expect to attract larger Nordic, European and large global companies to our Danish facilities. It takes major investments to act in this market, so we have to do the process right,” says Gisle M. Eckhoff.

He highlights Denmark’s closeness to Germany as a major benefit. The company plans to profile its green solutions towards German companies.

Plenty of energy to spare

Having taken over the Telia data centre close to central Copenhagen, DigiPlex is already considering its next moves in the capital and southern Jutland. While many European cities are now running out of the spare energy that major data centres need, the Nordic region is in a strong position to attract data suppliers and customers. This sets the scene for establishing smaller centres around the largest European cities.

We have plenty of energy in the Nordic region, so we predict many more of the largest data centres will establish themselves here. I think that a big shift is going to happen due to the supply of electricity, cool climate, secure grid structure and availability of green solutions. The money invested in data centres around the world right now is simply indescribable. In Europe, this is just the beginning.

Gisle M. Eckhoff, CEO DigiPlex

About DigiPlex

DigiPlex designs, builds and operates sustainable data centres in the Nordic region. The company specialises in delivering tailored, secure and resilient environments with the highest possible availability. All DigiPlex data centres are powered exclusively by sustainable sources of electricity.

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