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Denmark ranked as the most cyber-secure country in the world

According to a new study by the security research firm Comparitech, Denmark is the most cyber-secure country in the world. The study evaluated 76 countries´ exposure to security vulnerabilities to find which countries are well prepared for cyberattacks and Denmark came out as the most well prepared.

The scores in the study were based on indicators of compromise such as the percentage of mobile devices infected with malware and the number of computers infected with malware in a country. Denmark scored incredibly well across the majority of categories and e.g. had the lowest percentages of computer malware infections (3.15% of users) and the lowest number of financial malware attacks together with Ireland and Sweden (0.1% of users).

Ensuring a digital secure society

In recent years, the Danish government has launched a number of new initiatives for developing Denmark towards becoming stronger and more digitally secure. The major goals are defined in the ´Danish Strategy for Cyber- and Information Strategy 2018-2021´:


  • EVERYDAY SAFETY: Central government together with critical sectors is enhancing its technological preparedness as the threat scenario evolves in order to be able to protect essential societal functions against cyberattacks or other major information security incidents.

  • BETTER COMPETENCES: Citizens, businesses and authorities have access to the requisite knowledge and are qualified to address the increasing level of cyber and information security challenges. 

  • JOINTS EFFORTS: Risk-based security management is an integral part of central government management and management of critical sectors. There must be a clear division of roles and responsibilities in the area of cyber and information security for authorities and businesses providing key societal functions.


The ´Danish Strategy for Cyber- and Information Strategy 2018-2021´ is the national Danish strategy for ensuring a digital secure society. Six targeted strategies have also been launched to improve cyber and information security in critical sectors, i.e. the telecommunications, financial, energy, healthcare, transport, and maritime sectors.


The strategy is available in English here.

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