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Denmark is the best country in the world to start an online business

Each year, e-commerce continues to grow massively with eMarketer forecasting global online sales accounting for 22 percent of all retail sales. This means that 2021 could be the year to start an online business. But where’s the ideal place to start your online business adventure?
A new analysis by the consulting firm, Best Accounting Software, looked at 20 different categories across 99 countries. From GNI per capita and corporate tax rates to the number of social media, internet users, and co-worker spaces by each individual country.

At the top of the league is Denmark, which enjoys a top score for secure internet servers and share of individuals with a finance account. And based on the percentage of GNI it costs to start a business, Denmark is the cheapest of the top 10. The nation also ranked second highest for how much of the population use the internet for online purchases/paying bills and is positioned near the top for total number of internet users.

Denmark is repeatedly ranked as one of the most digital countries in the EU. 

This is not only a result of the excellent IT infrastructure and the highly digitalized public sector that Denmark offers. It is also the result of Danish companies, consumers and research institutions active role in driving the technological development forward in an innovative and responsible manner. 

Source: International Digital Economy and Society Index 2020 (DESI)

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