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Danish wind power breaks all records in 2017

Once again, the share of Danish energy consumption provided by wind power increased in 2017. With 43.4 percent of the energy consumption supplied by wind, Denmark breaks its own record.
The past nine out of ten years have been record setting for Danish wind power. In 2017, Danish land and sea wind turbines produced the equivalent of 43.4 percent of total Danish electricity consumption. The new record surpasses the previous 2015 record of 42 percent.
“Our new record shows that Denmark continues to be at the forefront of the renewable energy development. Denmark has benefited tremendously from being a first mover in the wind power industry, where short distances and a collaborative attitude have made it easy to achieve good results. In the future, I am sure wind power companies in Denmark will continue to impress, which makes Denmark interesting to keep an eye on,” says Peder Bo Sørensen, Special Advisor at Invest in Denmark. 

Aiming for an even greener future

In the coming years, higher records will continuously be achieved by Denmark as new offshore wind farms are developed. This applies to Horns Rev 3 next to Esbjerg, Kriegers Flak in the Baltic Sea, North Sea South by Ringkøbing, and North Sea North by Harboøre. The additional wind farms will contribute to further increases in Danish wind production.
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The government is working for Denmark to have at least 50 per cent of its energy needs covered by renewable energy, such as wind and solar power, by 2030. This is a very ambitious goal, which can also lead to further jobs in the green sector - not least in the wind industry.

Lars Christian Lilleholt, Danish Minister of Energy, Utilities and Climate Ministry of Energy, Utilities and Climate

Ambitious policies lead the way

With the Danish Energy Agreement 2012 – 2020, the Danish government succeeded in providing an ambitious foundation for the green transition of Denmark, which focuses on energy savings throughout society and promotes the use of renewable energy in all sectors.
The specific goals for 2020 are:
  • More than 35% renewable energy in total energy consumption.
  • Approximately 50% of electricity consumption to be supplied by wind power.
  • 7.6% reduction in gross energy consumption in relation to 2010.
  • 34% reduction in greenhouse gas emissions in relation to 1990.

A new Danish energy Agreement for the coming years is expected in 2018.

A leading wind power hub

Being a leading wind power nation is not only beneficial for the environment – it also attracts leading global companies to Denmark. In fact, seven of the world’s top 10 wind turbine manufacturers have a presence in Denmark.

Denmark’s geographical location makes us the ideal wind power hub and an anchor for doing business in Northern Europe. With strong electricity connections to neighbouring countries, Denmark can purchase electricity from other countries that have a surplus of electricity. This process ensures some of the world's lowest electricity prices.

The availability of a highly skilled workforce, excellent facilities for testing prototypes and a comprehensive network of leading companies, research institutions and government research programmes make up an innovative R&D environment like no other place in the world. In Denmark, you can test all parts of a wind turbine from, which is why companies from all over the world have located central parts of their R&D operations here.

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