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Danish 5G launch on 7 September has huge commercial potential

When Danish Operator, TDC NET, switch on the first commercial 5G network in Denmark a whole new commercial era is awaiting.

5G has the potential to place Denmark amongst the best countries in the world when it comes to digital infrastructure and new technology. The network launch will be the starting point for a further digitalized manufacturing and business industry, and expand Denmark’s position as a digital frontrunner. Furthermore, it will create the possibility of exciting future applications such as remote-controlled robots, drones, remote operations and self-driving cars.

5G launch much earlier than expected and with a national wide coverage

Not only is TDC NET launching the first Danish 5G network before anticipated, the 5G coverage will be nationwide (80% coverage) already by the end of September 2020. In addition, the launch is also going to benefit users of the 4G network as it is upgraded simultaneously. The first service provider on the 5G network will be Nuuday.

quote ikon
“We look forward to offering our customers the fantastic opportunities that TDC NET’s upgrade of the mobile network to 5G can offer. 5G technology allows us to deliver a unique experience to our customers – whether you want to stream your favorite series in ultraHD, or you as a company want to take advantage of the extremely short response time on the signal to control your robots in production and monitor your equipment in real time."
Michael Moyell Juul CEO of Nuuday

Plug-in and test how 5G could create commercial value for your company

In a new project, running from 2020 to 2022, Smart Production Lab at Aalborg University will offer free 5G testing. The project is funded with 3,25 mio. DKK from the Danish Industry Foundation and takes place in collaboration with the Confederation of Danish Industry and Togsverd Consult.
quote ikon
"We will assist the companies with research-based advice, in an environment reminiscent of a production plant in an industrial company, and then the companies can go home and implement the solution in practice,"
Ole Madsen Professor in Smart Production, Aalborg University
The Smart Production Lab is a research lab with the aim to test and commercialize new solutions. And according to CEO in Togsverd Consult, Tom Togsverd, the project and the lab can create value for the manufacturing industry and for tech-companies developing solutions such as mobile robots, drones, automation solutions and health technologies. 

5G facts

  • TDC NET’s national 5G launch on 7 September 2020 takes place earlier than first announced.
  • TDC NET's 5G infrastructure is built in collaboration with Swedish Ericsson
  • TDC NET has  upgraded 2,650 mast positions throughout Denmark
  • Before the end of September 2020 more than 80 % of the population, including bigger cities such as Copenhagen, Aarhus and Odense will have access. By the end of 2020, this number will rise to more than 90% of the population.
  • 5G will allow the industry to make their digital operations more efficient through increased speed 

Source: Ritzau

Why you should apply for “Industrial IoT in realtime with 5G"

The project’s aim is:

  • to spread the knowledge of the 5G business opportunities of 5G and other wireless communications to Industry 4.0 including edge computing, artificial intelligence and real-time Industrial IoT to a large number of companies.
  • to make it possible for companies to test the technologies in the wireless 5G Smart Production Lab at Aalborg University.
  • to offer a small number of companies the opportunity to participate in pilot projects to implement 5G solutions that can be an inspiration to other companies.
  • to host networking events where companies can get guidance and insights to start a project and implement this in their own company.
  • to ensure the ongoing dissemination of the momentum and results from AAU’s 5G Smart Production Lab, the pilot projects and networking.

    Read more here (link in Danish).

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