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Companies in Denmark will be probably be the first in the world to have a label to certify that they work responsibly with data and IT security
Today the D-seal was introduced to businesses as a key part of the Danish National Strategy for Artificial Intelligence. The goal is to create digital trust for customers & consumers and drive digital accountability in companies. The D-seal is the first of its kind to join IT-security and responsible use of data in one label.

The D-seal supports companies and at the same time creates an increased demand for digital accountability. The D-seal is aimed at all sized of companies and company types.

In order to be eligible for the new D-seal companies have to comply with a number of criteria defined for their business type. The criteria for the D-seal has been based upon several acknowledged frameworks from European and national councils, committees and task forces. Moving forward, management of the data ethics label will be in the hands of key stakeholders in Danish industry.

Value for consumers, companies and indsutry as a whole

Overall there are three goals with the introduction of the new data ethics label; first of all it should make IT security and responsible data use a positive competitive advantage and a Danish and European position of strength.

Secondly, the D-seal should create business value; it is the intention, that the seal will become a simple and trustworthy guide that enables companies to handle data safely and responsibly and then communicate about it.

Thirdly, it should create digital trust and provide consumers with confidence in sharing and using data and make it possible for the consumer to choose companies and services that process data securely and responsibly. Read more about the D-Seal here:

A united denmark supports the D-Seal

The D-seal is founded by The Confederation of Danish Industry, The Danish Chamber of Commerce, SMEdenmark and The Danish Consumer Council. The D-seal is supported by the Danish Business Authority and has been accelerated with funding from the Danish Industry Foundation.

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