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The Danish market for artificial intelligence solutions is maturing.

According to a new analysis, Danish businesses that invested in AI solutions have been able to boost their competitiveness, strengthen their growth, and enhance their products and services. Furthermore, a constant maturing market with more businesses using AI creates new sales opportunities for AI solution providers.
Danish businesses are experienced frontrunners in digital know-how, supported by world-class AI and machine learning research and a wealth of innovative start-up companies. This is one of the reasons why the European Commission continues to acknowledge Denmark as the most digital economy and society in the EU, which is evidently from the utilization of AI.

The use of AI in Danish Companies is growing rapidly, as evidenced by a recent analysis from Statistics Denmark, which concluded that, one in every four businesses with at least ten employees are utilizing artificial intelligence, and the majority (81%) experienced a positive effect. At least seven out of 10 businesses, regardless of size or industry, experienced a positive effect from AI, however, the larger companies, experienced the biggest impacts. In 2021, nine out of 10 businesses with more than 250 employees reported that the adoption of AI has had a positive effect.

Focus on automation of workflows with AI


According to the recent analysis (see graphic below), the automation of workflows is the most often used application of artificial intelligence by enterprises

However, artificial intelligence is utilized to automate serval core business processes, as manufacturing processes, and optimize production equipment, which enables businesses to develop better products, services, and experiences for their customers. 

Businesses can use artificial intelligence to create novel commercial prospects that are also more sustainable, addressing significant societal concerns such as climate change.

Simultaneously, artificial intelligence is critical for streamlining procedures and generating superior products, with 71% of businesses that deployed AI, used it for simplifying workflows, and 52 % of businesses reported that AI improved their products and/or services. The application of artificial intelligence is and will continue to be, a critical skill parameter in the future

Enterprises use of artificial intelligence by enterprise activity


The potential is immense, and a more developed Danish market for AI solutions opens new sales prospects for AI solution providers – particularly those that specialize in automated workflow solutions, but also other enterprise aspects. When examining the type of companies utilizing AI, it is clear from the graph, that information and communication technology (ICT) companies have the largest adoption of AI solutions, throughout the set of activities.  Especially within Machine Learning for Data Analysis, where 60 % of ICT companies utilize AI, compared to a 35 % average.

The potential exist, and it is not only limited to private companies. The public sector is well on its way to incorporating artificial intelligence throughout the organization. Today, 31% of organizations employ public AI and machine learning, but by 2023, that figure is predicted to reach over 90%.


The uptake of more AI solutions is in line with the goals set out in Denmark’s national strategy for artificial intelligence (AI) to make Denmark a frontrunner in the development and use of responsible AI. The national AI strategy aims to ensure that Denmark will have a human-centric and common ethical foundation for AI. Furthermore, it strives to help Danish companies grow by developing and using AI and ensure that the Danish public sector will use AI to offer world-class services for the benefit of citizens and organizations in Denmark. Critical work however remains to bring artificial intelligence down to a practical level, allowing the technology to reach a broader audience. It is vital that more individuals join the bandwagon and gain expertise with new technologies, as the benefits are immeasurable