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New Danish pioneer center for artificial intelligence 

Located in Copenhagen, the center will conduct world-class artificial intelligence research focusing on societal challenges, people and design, putting Denmark at the international forefront of the field. 

The first Danish Pioneer Center for Artificial Intelligence 

The center will be located at the University of Copenhagen observatory in the center of Copenhagen, but will also comprise researchers working remotely across the five participating universities: Aalborg University (AAU), Aarhus University (AU), The Technical University of Denmark (DTU) and The IT University of Copenhagen (ITU).


The center is the first of its kind in Denmark, and will focus on research in artificial intelligence (AI), including Computer Vision, Natural Language Processing and Machine Learning. 

quote ikon
"Denmark has fantastically well-organized data collection across public institutions that one would never come across in the United States. Data that makes it possible to harness the possibilities of artificial intelligence and, for example, predict the earlier stages of breast cancer, monitor endangered species or make urban planning smarter"
Serge Belongie Professor and Director of the Pioneer Center

Addressing a wide range of societal issues through research, innovation, companies, public institutions and spin-out companies 

Top researchers will address each of the ten major social concerns working in conjunction with companies and governmental institutions to apply artificial intelligence to solve a wide range of social concerns through research, innovation, and spin-out companies during the next five to seven years.

 The center will target 10 societal challenges:

  • Biotech, Life, and Health Sciences
  • Climate and Conservation
  • Education and Capacity Building
  • Equality and Inclusion
  • Economic Growth and Entrepreneurship
  • Crisis Response
  • Information Verification and Validation
  • Energy and Infrastructure
  • Security, Ethics, and Justice
  • Public and Social Sector

Danish standards for AI and Data Ethics

Denmark is the preferred location for working with ethical and responsible AI 

As the first country in the world, Denmark introduces mandatory legislation for AI and data ethics. The Danish national strategy for AI consists of six principles to set up a common framework for the development and use of AI.

The legislation requires that companies must provide public information about their data ethic policies, including proof that their algorithms live up to transparency requirements. In accordance with Danish standards, the pioneer center will work extensively on the ethical aspects of AI. This includes the design of technologies built on artificial intelligence in such a way that they are accepted and understood by those who need them. 

Funding: The center has received DKK 352,4 million 

With funding from The Danish National Research foundation, The Novo Nordisk Foundation, The Carlsberg Foundation, The Villum Foundation and The Lundbeck Foundation, the investments in the pioneer center are the most ambitious in artificial intelligence ever on Danish soil. 
quote ikon
“It is a unique collaboration among foundations, universities, public institutions, and companies who will unite forces to do research in one of the greatest technologies of our time, one that has the potential to solve a wide range of societal challenges." 
Katrine Krogh Andersen Dean of the University of Copenhagen's Faculty of Science