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Join us at the DALO Industry Days 23-24 August in Denmark

Come join us for the 11th DALO Industry Days on 23-24 August at Ballerup Super Arena, in Denmark hosted by The Danish Ministry of Defense Acquisition and Logistics Organisation (DALO). The Industry Days is the largest exhibition in Denmark of equipment primarily from the defence industry.

There will be 400 Danish and foreign exhibitors from the defence industry and over 4000 participants. The DALO Industry Days is a unique opportunity to facilitate dialogue between the defence industry, technical caseworkers and commanders from DALO, representatives from the Danish Defence and public authorities.

Moreover, both days offer a unique opportunity to meet government representatives from many European countries and their defence and procurement agencies. The event also presents the opportunity to network with other Danish and foreign companies with an interest in or affiliation with international defence agencies.

register Participation as guest is free of charge

This year, there is a fee for Exhibition Stands but it is free of charge for participation as a guest.

Indoor stand is 505 EUR + administration fee
Outdoor is 17 EUR + administration fee. pr. sq.m, (maximum 100 sq.m for one company)
There are no fee for startup companies – see the Information page for startup companies to learn more about being a startup company and get information on how to register.

About the Exhibition

The DALO Industry Days takes place annually in Ballerup, Denmark.

The first DALO Industry Day was held in 2012 and the event has evolved ever since. The number of attendees and exhibitors have increased year after year, and for the first time in 2022, the event was stretched over two days.

The DALO Industry Days is the place to be for land, maritime, air, space, cyber defence and security industry and for industries with products of interest for the defence. This way, DALO and the Danish Defence gathers information on current and upcoming products within all domains.

get in touch Want to know more about the DALO Industry Days?

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