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UK Circular Economy Company Unwasted Ltd Chooses Denmark

Unwasted Ltd has chosen GreenLab in Skive, Denmark as the location for its first full scale production site of Newerwaste™, the world’s first high performance panel board made entirely from upcycled waste in a true circular economy process.

Neverwaste™ Explained

Neverwaste™ can be used in all areas of construction and furniture making including flooring, doors, and interior construction products. Neverwaste™ is made entirely from waste without the use of any glues or toxins and can be remade into new boards making it a pure play circular economy product with exceptional environmental credentials, in contrast to production of traditional panel boards made from timber and resin.

quote ikon
“Initiating the production of Neverwaste™ boards is an important step on our path towards a fully scalable business and reflects strong shared goals with our new investors and the local authorities in Skive, Denmark. Their renewable energy infrastructure combined with the determination to encourage circular economy businesses made it a standout choice for the company’s first main plant in Europe. By taking responsibility for a radically different way of re-integrating waste into our lives, we are part of a growing movement of organisations and communities re-establishing equilibrium in our world. Our ambition starts with a transformative approach to learning how we can deliver regenerative goals and involves developing a multi-factory platform to realise our vision at scale”.
Rod Fountain Founder and CEO of Unwasted Ltd

Unwasted Ltd recently closed an initial multimillion pound funding round with Danish investors focusing on sustainable and green investments to enable the business to build its first production facility in Denmark with the goal of scaling rapidly around the world.

An investment from a SPV funded by some of Denmark’s most successful industrialists combined with substantial sums already invested by the founders, UK private investors, and the UK Government Future Fund will enable Unwasted Ltd to fully commercialise Neverwaste™ on a larger scale. Starting with its first proposed full-scale plant in GreenLab Skive, a green flagship industrial business park in Denmark that enables companies to share their surplus energy and resources, will support Unwasted Ltd in creating sustainable production processes optimising renewable energy sources and the use of excess heat and water.

The production plant in GreenLab Skive is being built following pre-engineering work at a pilot plant in Deeside, North Wales in the UK.

quote ikon
“We are proud to have grown our relationship with Unwasted Ltd as a means of supporting a significant development in our region through a circular economy product that will create hundreds of local jobs and enable GreenLab in Skive to expand.”
A spokesperson for the Danish investor group

About the new Danish investors

The newly formed Danish SPV is funded by a small group of local business people and entrepreneurs who are passionate about sustainability and keen to bring circular economy innovation to Jutland, Denmark, where one of the world’s most ambitious renewable energy industrial networks is being developed at Greenlab Skive.
quote ikon
“We are delighted that Unwasted Ltd chose Denmark for their first full scale production site. Denmark has much to offer when it comes to sustainable production with excellent opportunities for collaboration to develop circular economy projects. The collaboration between GreenLab and Unwashed Ltd is a great example of how companies can optimise and share surplus energy and resources, providing access to renewable energy and efficient use of excess heat and water. We look forward to continue to assist Unwasted Ltd in their future journey.”
Klaus Juel Werner Deputy Director at Invest in Denmark

What is GreenLab?

GreenLab is a circular energy park for businesses that want to contribute to the green transition. The businesses located here are supplied with sustainable energy from multiple energy sources in the form that best suits their production.

The businesses are all connected to the SymbiosisNet™ – a unique smart grid solution, which enables sharing of surplus energy resources and thereby providing a cost-effective set-up that results in the greenest possible end products for consumers.


For further information about GreenLab, please contact Linda Fejerskov

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