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U.S. Shipping Industry Leader Dorian LPG opens HQ in Copenhagen

The American gas shipping company chose Denmark based on the Danish reputation as a front-runner in the maritime ecosystem.
Dorian LPG is a US liquefied petroleum gas shipping company headquartered in Stamford, Connecticut. In 2018, the company decided to strategically re-position its commercial chartering operation to Copenhagen with a number of key employees. In late 2021, Dorian took it a step further and chose to relocate the company’s entire commercial operations from London to Denmark.

Industry leader with focus on sustainability 

Dorian is an industry leader in operating very large gas carriers (VLGC), founded in 2002 through the acquisition of two pressuried vessels. Since then, the fleet has grown substantially and they now operate a fleet of 21 modern VLGCs. With a fleet of this size, the company has an aggregate carrying capacity of approximately 1.8 million m3. 

Dorian operates eco-VLGCs, which make the use of liquefied petroleum gas cleaner than coal and oil, generating an alternative to gasoline. In addition to the contribution to more sustainable shipping, Dorian priorities safe, reliable and trouble-free transportation with the highest customer service quality.
quote ikon
“We were delighted to further grow our European operations in Copenhagen where we find the work and living environment user friendly and accessible for our team”. 
Alex Hadjipateras Dorian LPG’s EVP

Doing business in Denmark

Dorian has since establishment expanded to other parts of the world, including Greece, Singapore, and Denmark. In 2018, Dorian decided to relocate a number of key employees from a previous office in London to Copenhagen. Invest in Denmark assisted Dorian during the relocation by providing access the large Danish shipping network, the maritime ecosystem in Denmark, and the Danish talent pool. 

In 2021, Dorian chose to expand the business in Denmark, making their office in Copenhagen the European commercial headquarters. This time around, Invest in Denmark helped by providing information on Danish business conditions, taxation, contracts and service provider networks. 

Since Denmark is a frontrunner in the maritime ecosystem with innovation, digitalization, and efficiency as key priorities, it is a prime location for a company like Dorian, focusing on reliable, safe, and high-quality shipping. 

quote ikon
“Dorian’s expansion in Europe via Copenhagen emphasises Denmark’s leading framework conditions of doing business. Invest in Denmark has been delighted to assist and see Dorian build stronger ties in Denmark”  
Mikkel Hagen Hess Director of Invest in Denmark, North America

The Danish maritime industry

  • 7 pct. of the workforce is occupied within the maritime and tech sectors
  • 5th largest merchant fleet in the world
  • The maritime industry accounts for 17 pct. of total Danish exports
  • No. 6 in the world on maritime research publications 

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