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Major Green Hydrogen Power-to-X Facility Planned in Esbjerg, Denmark

The purchase of an 11-hectare plot of land near Esbjerg in Denmark is today’s great news. It is on this plot of land, a new Power-to-X (PtX) facility, Europe’s largest, is planned. The Swiss energy company H2 Energy Europe are the owners of the project that could be up running as early as 2024. The plant will convert green electricity into hydrogen to be used directly in trucks and other heavy land-based means of transport.

A strong ecosystem 

The location of the project plays well into the ecosystem at place. With offshore wind farms in the North Sea, H2 Energy Europe have access to the green electricity essential to the production of green hydrogen and while this major investment is the great news of today, only a few months ago, it was announced that Europe’s largest green ammonia plant is going to be built near Esbjerg as well. 
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"Esbjerg has optimal conditions in relation to Power-to-X and green hydrogen production. First and foremost, there is a geographical advantage due to its location relative to North Sea offshore wind, just as the area has a good location in terms of export opportunities to large industrial areas in Germany and Northern Europe, where a major share of production is expected to be hydrogen-based in the future. To build a GW-sized green hydrogen production site fits into the PtX strategy of Denmark and we are looking forward to being part of this strategy by setting up the green ecosystem in Denmark. There are different hurdles to overcome to make the transition to hydrogen trucking including the accelerated construction of hydrogen pipelines, but in close cooperation with the Danish government we believe that this is feasible."
Clifford zur Nieden Director, H2 Energy Europe
The ecosystem of green technology in Esbjerg is strengthening significantly and the city of Esbjerg is underlining their commitment to the green transition.
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"The announcement from H2 Energy Europe helps us write a new chapter in the history of Esbjerg as a business centre. From fishing and oil extraction, Esbjerg is rapidly moving towards a future that helps underline Denmark's status as a green superpower. New green fuels and hydrogen are crucial for the green society of the future – not only in Denmark, but also in Europe and around the world. The technology holds great opportunities for both the climate and the business community, and Esbjerg is helping to bring Denmark to the forefront."
Dan Jørgensen Minister of Climate, Energy and Utilities, Denmark

Political commitment to the green transition

The political commitment to the green transition in Denmark is solid. In 2020, a majority of the Danish Parliament passed the so-called climate law obligating the current – and future – governments to reduce CO2 emissions by 70% by 2030. Foreign investments are a crucial part of this ambitious goal as foreign companies such as H2 Energy Europe bring new solutions, knowhow, talents, etc. to Denmark. 
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"Denmark's green political ambitions, a stable political climate and a well-functioning public administration mean that we are an attractive country for sustainable energy investments. It is a great pleasure to see that our close collaboration with H2 Energy Europe and Esbjerg Municipality has resulted in plans to establish a large Power-to-X project in Esbjerg. Invest in Denmark is working hard to attract foreign investment in Power-to-X projects in Denmark for the benefit of Danish growth and job creation."
Steen Hommel State Secretary for Trade and Global Sustainability, Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Denmark

Strong and experienced PtX player

With today’s news, Esbjerg can welcome an experienced partner. H2 Energy Europe already produces green hydrogen in Switzerland and has almost 50 hydrogen trucks in operation as well as a further 1,600 hydrogen trucks to be delivered in the next few years. Moreover, the company has a network of hydrogen refuelling stations in partnerships with large industrial players including Hyundai, Alpiq and Linde. In Esbjerg, H2 Energy Europe plans to expand to hydrogen trucks and hydrogen refuelling stations further down the road.

Get to Know H2 Energy Europe

H2 Energy was established in 2014 in Zurich, Switzerland, with the vision to play an active role in fighting climate change. In a sustainable and economic way, the company wants to make hydrogen from renewable energy a cornerstone of the energy system by expanding the entire value chain across production, distribution and consumption. H2 Energy is involved in the entire hydrogen value chain, offering know-how and engineering each step of the way. The company draws on many years of experience, particularly in creating hydrogen production plants, establishing hydrogen refuelling stations and in the engineering of hydrogen fuel cell applications.


The Role of Invest in Denmark

Invest in Denmark assists foreign companies considering investments and projects in Denmark contributing to growth, jobs and sustainability. Throughout 2021, Invest in Denmark has assisted H2 Energy with general information regarding availability of green power and relevant framework conditions in Denmark. In addition, Invest in Denmark has organised “fact finding missions” in Denmark including introduction meetings with relevant companies, organisations, authorities etc.

This insight is based on press release issued by Southwest Jutland's largest business organisation, Business Esbjerg. Read more here (in Danish)

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