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Indian tech major invests heavily in Danish startup

World-leader Infosys makes its first investment in Europe by placing close to 2 million EUR in the Danish artificial intelligence and machine-learning startup UNSILO.
In 2016, Infosys’ Innovation Fund invested nearly 2 million EUR in UNSILO – a Danish IT startup specialised in a ground-breaking NLP (Natural Language Processing) technology for handling large amounts of text.

Denmark’s global IT hub appealed to Infosys with its cutting-edge innovation culture and start-up eco-system. The Danes’ proven track record of foreign direct investments and establishment of foreign companies’ development and innovation centres proved especially attractive. So did the prospect of gaining access to a talent pool with niche skills of a very high standard.
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We see Denmark as a global hub of world-class innovation with talented people, a good education system and a track record of entrepreneurial success. UNSILO have built an impressive semantic search engine with best-in-class text intelligence, which powers a range of advanced business processes. We will partner with UNSILO to bring their artificial intelligence and machine learning technology to our global clients. They join an expanding portfolio of innovative young companies from around the world that Infosys works with to help enterprises drive their digital transformation.

Ritika Suri, Executive Vice President and Global Head of Corporate Development & Ventures Infosys


Because of the investment, Infosys has gained access to new, advanced technologies within artificial intelligence and machine learning.

For UNSILO, the partnership has opened up new possibilities outside publishing plus access to a global market leader, which could make Natural Language Processing (NLP) far more efficient and useful within the publishing industry.

The two companies both benefit from being able to market each other’s services as part of their respective portfolios.

How did Invest in Denmark offer support?

Invest in Denmark utilised its Bangalore presence and close, daily contact with Indian tech majors to bridge Infosys’ ground-breaking AI/ML technologies with Danish opportunities.

An in-depth analysis of the Danish AI/ML eco-system was carried out to identify new relevant directions for the Indian company. Invest in Denmark then proposed a fact-finding mission, where Infosys could be introduced to UNSILO, which later resulted in the investment.

Next step was to organise a meeting with UNSILO and explain the opportunities of a potential partnership with Infosys. Having met both companies, Invest in Denmark helped establish and maintain a well-functioning communication flow between the two. This also involved sharing advice on cultural differences and special practices concerning partnerships between small and large companies.

After the investment was sealed, advice was given to both companies on how to best utilise the synergy brought about by their cooperation.

About Infosys and UNSILO

Infosys is the second-largest IT-company in India and world-leading within technology services and consulting, helping clients in more than 50 rel="noopener noreferrer" countries.

UNSILO is a Danish artificial intelligence startup focused on advanced text analysis. UNSILO uses a unique combination of machine-learning and natural language processing to analyse large quantities of text and improve the speed and effectiveness of knowledge workers across many industries.

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