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German STERN Hausboot chooses Denmark as location for their new large-scale production of houseboats

Assisted by Invest in Denmark, German houseboat manufacturer STERN Hausboot is set to establish a production of +100 houseboats per year on Falster. Simultaneously, STERN will move their headquarters to an existing smaller branch on Lolland.
In recent years, houseboats have become an exciting addition to the Danish tourism industry. STERN Hausboot - a German company - has chosen Denmark as the ideal location to establish a production of 100+ holiday houseboats per year. Holiday home rental companies are expected to be the main buyers of the houseboats, but there will also be opportunity for private purchases. Additionally, there is great potential in the Danish market for attracting both national and international tourists.
"We have very high and positive expectations of the Danish market, and we are very pleased with our new location. People wish to live on the water, and there is a lot of capacity on the Danish coasts and in some of the half-empty marinas and disused industrial ports. We have been very well received both locally and nationally".
Bernd Muckenschnabel Co-owner of STERN Hausboot
"The expansion of STERN Hausboot’s production to Denmark is a great example of how manufacturing in Denmark has a strong brand that is synonymous with high quality. In addition “Made in Denmark” is a stamp of quality for sustainable manufacturing under regulated conditions, which is attractive for foreign investors when selecting Denmark. Finally, Denmark can provide highly advanced and automatized solutions for production, which in total presents an attractive value".
Anne Hougaard Jensen Director at Invest in Denmark

STERN Hausboot already had a small production site in Denmark. When it became necessary to scale up the production significantly, the company chose Falster as the location for their new production facility and now have their headquarters in the existing branch on Lolland.

STERN Hausboot expects to have their new facility up and running and to produce the first houseboats already by the end of 2022. 
"It means a lot that we feel welcome and that we have received competent advice from Invest in Denmark that focused on our needs. We are happy to grow further in Denmark and on Lolland-Falster".
Bernd Muckenschnabel Co-owner of STERN Hausboot
"Denmark offers a proactive and supportive business community that welcomes new companies. We are thrilled that Stern Hausboot have decided to expand their activities in the region. This has been a joint effort between Invest in Denmark and the local business promotion agency Business Lolland-Falster, who together have supported Stern Hausboot in their decision-making process".
Anne Hougaard Jensen Director at Invest in Denmark


Stern Hausboot is a German company specialized in building high quality and durable houseboats with attention to details and sustainability. The company’s vision is to mass-produce high quality Danish designed houseboats in the mid-price segment.


Invest in Denmark has supported Stern Hausboot in their strategic decision-making process over a longer period. This has included working with both the German Management and the Danish project team in different aspects and practical matters in relation to establishing a company in Denmark. As a second phase, and prior to the acquisition of the new factory in Orehoved, Invest in Denmark introduced Stern Hausboot to the Danish Growth Fund, Denmark's independent state investment fund. Finally, Invest in Denmark supported Stern Hausboot with an overview of several locations in Denmark that would fit their specific requirements.

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