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Deal between Varian and Danish hospitals provides landmark in Danish cancer treatment

Artificial intelligence (AI) software boosts Danish cancer treatment and provides faster and gentler cancer treatment for an estimated 500 patients a year.
New and highly sophisticated AI-software is being used in Danish radiation treatment yielding a gentler, more efficient and complex treatment previously unseen in the medical industry. 
The devices and corresponding software are provided by the American company, Varian Medical Systems. Varian is responsible for supplying Denmark with 17 new radiation devices and upgrading further hospital equipment in the future. 

Faster and gentler treatment

Herlev University Hospital is the first hospital in Scandinavia to introduce and use the new systems. They have been extremely pleased with the new software and machinery provided by Varian.
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"Twelve days after arriving in a box, we treated the first patient with a very complex three arc treatment. It has succeeded every expectation we had beforehand."
Brian Holch Kristensen Chief Physicist, Herlev University Hospital

The new system automates processes that used to take days, allowing hospitals to now do the same procedures in a matter of hours. The system also offers patients “adaptive therapy”: a personalized treatment plan for each patient based on complex mathematical models developed from advanced CT scans.

The AI software helps doctors pinpoint exactly where to emit high doses of radiation in the treatment of cancer patients, hitting only the tumor whilst protecting healthy tissue. Accurately targeting the cancer tumor can be the difference between life and death and helps minimize the possibility of post-op complications. Initially, up to 500 patients a year will benefit from the new treatment, and hopefully, more patients will be able to get the treatment in the future.

Public-private partnerships providing value to both parties

The partnership between Varian Medicinal Systems and The Danish Capital Region is one of many public-private partnerships initiated in Denmark in recent years. 
In Varian’s case, a large research contract is part of the agreement, allowing Varian and the involved hospitals to improve upon existing technologies and quickly implement new technologies into clinical operation. Considering the large talent pool in Denmark of qualified researchers and scientists, such an agreement can only help improve upon current projects and boost the development of new technologies. 

Public-private partnerships in Denmark add immense value to all parties involved. As seen in the Varian case, the Danish healthcare system massively benefits when it can attract the newest technology from the private sector. Meanwhile, the company gains access to a perfect showcase market, with a strong cooperative culture between industry players, universities, and hospitals. 

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"Partnerships such as the one with Varian are important to us. We want to be at the forefront of innovation and help implement the best new technologies into our healthcare system. And we also offer the companies an ideal sandbox for testing and improving these technologies clinically and then expanding to the rest of Europe or the world."
Lars Dahl Allerup Department for Innovative Procurement and Strategic Partnerships, Capital Region of Denmark
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As the Danish healthcare sector is considered one of the best in the world, if it works here, it will work everywhere. And because Denmark is a leader within life science technologies, products and companies in general, the country works both as a showcase market, a sandbox for testing new technology or as a country of reference when scaling.
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With this project, we’ve laid the foundation for a long-term cooperation with Herlev and Gentofte Hospital. As of this year, it has become one of our global reference sites.
Dow. R. Wilson CEO, Varian Medical Systems
For Danish cancer patients, partnering with Varian has already provided better therapy, treatment and care. Hopefully, this is just the beginning of a constant improvement in future treatment and the development of new, revolutionary AI technologies within the sector. 


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