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Crossbridge Energy to invest in Power-To-X initiatives to become more sustainable

Crossbridge Energy aims to become CO2 neutral by 2035 and make their refinery in Fredericia the most energy efficient in the world.

The Crossbridge Energy refinery is one of two Danish refineries, which delivers most of the petrol and diesel sold in the western part of Denmark as it produces approximately 3,4 million tons of fuel on a yearly basis. Crossbridge Energy delivers waste heat, covering 23.000 households, to local district heating stations, but acknowledges the need for further sustainable initiatives in order to achieve its ambitions. 

Earlier this year, Crossbridge Energy and Everfuel embarked on a collaborative Power to X plant. The plant is expected to be 20 MW in the first phase and will by summer 2022 supply the refinery with parts of the 35 tons of hydrogen used per day to refine the oil. 
By supplying the refinery’s need for hydrogen by using green hydrogen from their power to x plant, Crossbridge Energy can phase out some of the hydrogen made from natural gas.
In 2025 an expected expansion will give the plant a capacity of 300 MW, which enables the company to reduce the CO2 emissions without compromising on the product. 

Crossbridge Energy has also added additional biomass into its production as fossil oil accounts for 92 percent of the raw material used in its production today.

From waste to resource 

Crossbridge Energy has implemented the project Sledge2fuel in collaboration with Fredericia Spildevand, the project focuses how waste products can be transformed into diesel. 
At the moment the company examines how sludge from the process of cleaning wastewater can act as the base for producing biodiesel and hopes to produces 5000 tons of diesel on a yearly basis.

The Sledge2fuel project could represent opportunities outside of Denmark. As sledge is a waste product found in all larger cities worldwide, the technology behind the Sledge2fuel project could be exported to other parts of the world. Crossbridge Energy is looking into this opportunity. 

Sludge2fuel is expected to be up and running in 2022. 

Read more about Crossbridge Energy (energywatch) in Danish here

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