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Cisco chooses Copenhagen to build tomorrow’s cities

Cisco and the City of Copenhagen have entered a ground-breaking partnership, paving the way for a sustainable, liveable city through smart city solutions and innovative digital infrastructures.
Copenhagen is one of the world's most progressive cities, on course to meet ambitious climate targets by 2025. This was cited by global networking giant Cisco as one the reasons for partnering with the City of Copenhagen in 2014 to test and develop future digital infrastructures through Internet of Everything (IoE) strategies.

The result is Copenhagen Solutions Lab – an ambitious street laboratory, which aims to create a sustainable, liveable city by means of smart city solutions. These include smart traffic lights, outdoor lighting, sensor-based water defences, parking, mobility services, and smart energy management.


The laboratory opened in 2016 as a public-private partnership between Cisco, TDC, Citelum and the City of Copenhagen. Since then, the lab has succeeded in testing solutions in areas such as smart parking, urban care, waste management and air quality measurement.

The initiative has established Cisco as an important player within smart city development and is key to the company’s ambitions within the industry, which Cisco estimates will generate a value of more than 13 billion EUR over the next 10 years globally, in both the public and private sector.

Such growth aspirations require a location characterised by great innovation skills and green ambition. For Cisco, Copenhagen fits the bill. Not only as a digitally advanced testing ground, but also due to The City of Copenhagen’s ambition to become the world's first CO2 neutral capital by 2025.

Copenhagen is one of Europe's most innovative cities. It has an ambitious green vision and is a perfect setting for a green laboratory. The projects in and around Copenhagen will serve as best practices bringing greater efficiency, cost savings and sustainability that other cities in the world can reproduce.

Bas Boorsma, Director of Internet of Everything Cisco

How did Invest in Denmark assist?

Invest in Denmark, together with Copenhagen Capacity, helped Cisco with contact to key stakeholders in the Greater Copenhagen area and with the arrangement of a visitor program, enabling Cisco to build relations to the members of Copenhagen’s smart city cluster.

About Cisco

Cisco is a multinational IT company with corporate headquarters in San Jose, California. As a global leader in networking, Cisco develops technologies for future digital infrastructure such as intelligent outdoor lighting, sensor-based traffic lights and flooding defences and smart grid services.

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