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Danish maritime industry is key for Chinese surveyors

Two world-leading maritime nations strengthen their relationship as China Classification Society (CCS) establishes Copenhagen entity in recognition of Danish strongholds.
Denmark’s position as a global maritime leader was the central argument behind CCS’ decision to set up in Copenhagen in 2016.

The Danish maritime ecosystem, renowned for its emphasis on innovation, digitalisation and efficiency, aligned with CCS’ aim of ensuring better service for existing Danish customers and better access to high-tech, eco- and energy friendly solutions


The office opening has paved the way for closer cooperation and dialogue in the maritime area between Denmark and China. Having previously managed the Danish market from their office in Gothenburg, Sweden, CCS has succeeded in establishing closer relationships with Danish customers, as well as stronger links to Danish suppliers and authorities within the maritime sector. 

We have been very pleased with the setup here in Denmark. Everything is going very well. Rules are very clear, for instance regarding taxation, which makes it easy doing business here. Also, we have enjoyed very good local co-operation and find it easy to recruit people with excellent English skills, which is important to us.

Huang Jian, Head of China Classification Society Denmark China Classification Society

How did Invest in Denmark offer support?

Together with Copenhagen Capacity and the Danish Maritime Authority (DMA), Invest in Denmark helped CCS identify the ideal office location, partners and service providers, as well as navigate Danish framework conditions.

CCS has been introduced to a range of relevant stakeholders in the maritime network, research institutions and business organisations. For instance, Invest in Denmark introduced CCS to Danish Shipping in order to facilitate knowledge sharing, while the DMA facilitated participation in the Danish Maritime Days, which brings together key players in the Danish and international maritime industry.

About China Classification Society (CCS)

CCS is a classification society that carries out class inspections and certification of ships, offshore installations, equipment, etc. and offers technical advice in and outside China.

CCS is authorised by 40 major shipping nations in the world, including China, to perform statutory surveys for the ships flying their flags.

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