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BioCV develops livestock monitoring tech to improve farm animal welfare

The ambitious German startup BioCV is setting out to improve farm animal welfare, transparency and productivity for farmers. Now, they have chosen to invest in the Danish reputation as an agricultural innovator and the Danish market potential

Why Denmark?

BioCV has set out to develop solutions for some of the challenges in modern animal production by improving farm animal welfare, transparency and productivity for livestock farmers.

In early 2022, BioCV decided to establish a company in Denmark due to the Danish reputation as an agricultural innovator, the presence of many reputable food companies, the favorable framework conditions for companies who invest in R&D, and the market potential for their product.

On the R&D and innovation side, BioCV is teaming up with Foulum, a research center at Aarhus University. Together with Foulum, BioCV is working on a project regarding sow health. Specifically, the focus of the collaboration is to improve and extend the usability of an ear tag developed by BioCV that can measure the animal’s temperature and predict the farrowing time, resulting in reduced time spent in farrowing stalls.

On the market side, Denmark represents an obvious market opportunity for BioCV as a large pig meat producer. Furthermore, the Danish involvement in activities to improve animal welfare adds to Denmark being an interesting market for BioCV. 

quote ikon
“Denmark is the birthplace of well-known companies such as Danish Crown, Arla and Carlsberg, and several international players have activities here. BioCV’s investment into Denmark is a testament of our strong position as a food and agriculture nation, particularly when it comes to innovative solutions. In addition, the project that BioCV is working on together with Foulum shows the openness of the Danish universities towards industry collaborations.” 
Anne Hougaard Jensen Director at Invest in Denmark, Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Denmark

Cooperation between BioCV and Invest in Denmark

BioCV was approached by Invest in Denmark to discuss the opportunities Denmark offers a company like them. The conversation moved quickly from attractive R&D conditions, to a presentation of relevant stakeholders for BioCV to collaborate with.

Subsequently Invest in Denmark has assisted in setting up meetings with potential collaboration and network partners, and in gathering informing about the framework conditions for running a business in Denmark. 

quote ikon
“We were delighted by the openness, passion and innovation friendliness in Denmark. The support we got by “Invest in Denmark” regarding establishing a business and professional network were excellent. We can only recommend all other entrepreneurs to evaluate their opportunities in Denmark and make use of both market potential and framework conditions.”
Moritz Gansel CEO and co-founder of BioCV

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