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A new era has begun for industry leader International Flavors & Fragrances (IFF) in Denmark

International Flavors & Fragrances has decided to further cement its position as a leading innovator that seeks to bring together science and creativity by merging with DuPont’s Nutrition & Biosciences (N&B), previously headquartered in Copenhagen Denmark.

IFF has established itself as a global industry leader within food, beverage, scent, health and biosciences. After merging with the Denmark-based N&B division in 2021, IFF hopes to redefine the industry by discovering boundary-pushing solutions and new technologies meeting emerging needs to create products that do good for both people and planet.

Since Denmark is recognised internationally as an innovation hub for sustainable food production, bioscience solutions and nutrition, it is the perfect location for IFF to commence the new era. 

quote ikon
"Ultimately, we are building a better and stronger IFF. We believe the strength of our business lies in the totality of what we can offer customers, and the operation we have in Denmark plays an important part for the IFF business within food and beverages"
Flemming Jørgensen General Manager for IFF in the Nordics
Furthermore, Denmark has one of the world’s best-ranked universities, Technical University of Denmark (DTU), when it comes to technology research. IFF is excited to welcome young locals as well as international talent who can contribute to IFF’s success with their expertise. The focus on R&D is strengthened through the company’s presence of innovation centres established in Brabrand and Copenhagen. It is expected that IFF will spend up to 1,5 times more on R&D compared to peers with nearly 10% of the annual turnover dedicated to the cause. Therefore, IFF seeks to meet the increasing consumer demands for sustainable solutions 
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"We are laser-focused on identifying new business opportunities to leverage our comprehensive capabilities and deliver tailored integrated solutions. With the strong talent pool in Denmark and our established food innovation capabilities, Denmark is a key innovation hub for IFF"
Flemming Jørgensen General Manager for IFF in the Nordics
With over 45,000 customers around the world, IFF understands its responsibility towards ensuring a more sustainable industry. Green chemistry, circular design and sustainable solutions are integral parts of IFF’s efforts in propelling creativity and innovation, which is reflected in IFF’s production facility in Grindsted, the world’s largest carbon-neutral emulsifier. As Denmark is paving the way globally to secure a more sustainable future for all, the country is a great match for IFF’s ambitions to focus on product, people and planet.
quote ikon
"IFF’s strong focus on the Danish food ingredients cluster is a testimony to our world class competencies. We welcome IFF to Denmark and are sure that IFF’s focus on innovation and sustainability will prove to be a perfect match"
Anne Hougaard Jensen Director Invest in Denmark

Support from Invest in Denmark 

Invest in Denmark has been in dialogue with IFF since 2016 providing consultancy services. IDK’s services include, among other things, benchmarking analysis of the working and frame conditions in Denmark, legal services, labour and employment consultancy and talent attraction. Furthermore, IFF’s focus on sustainability, green transition and ingredients for plant-based food is generally consistent with Denmark’s political agenda and sustainability initiatives. 
  • IFF has more than 110 manufacturing facilities, 3000 scientists, engineers, technologists and application specialists across 50 R&D centres globally and  an expected $11 billion in revenue in 2021. It comprises four divisions: Nourish, health & biosciences, scent and pharma solutions. It is expected that IFF sales will be around 50% higher than its closest competitor. 

  • IFF employs more than 1000 people in Denmark across four sites.

  • IFF has been recognised as the best place to work for LGBTQ Equality and has earned a global certification from Economic Dividends for Gender Equality. 

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