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Surrounding the world with sound

Denmark is a leading global centre for breakthrough sound technology. Want to join our sound innovation network?

From hearing aids to sound measuring equipment to speakers and microphones, you can find expertise in all aspects of sound technology right here in Denmark.

And it is not just about developing better sound experiences for people in everyday life.  It also feeds into our growing information and communication technology industry.

The Danish government acknowledged this potential back in 2009 when it supported the founding of the Danish Sound Innovation Network – a hub for research institutes, businesses, public organisations, policy makers and professional users. Today, we are earning a reputation as one of the world’s top centres for sound and sound-related technology.

Home to leading brands

Denmark is already home to leading international brands, such as Bang & Olufsen, Brüel & Kjær, Libratone, DPA Microphones, Dynaudio, Oticon, Widex and AM3D. Our national tradition for private-public partnerships is one of the reasons why the businesses here are well-primed for tomorrow’s challenges.

Areas of expertise include human perception of speech and sound, hearing and hearing loss, loudness, computer-aided speech, music recognition, signal processing and optimised transducers. Other innovative solutions meet the increasingly sophisticated demands of consumers for home entertainment.

By placing sound technology activities in Denmark, your company gets access to:

  • A world-leading network for sound technology research.
  • R&D collaboration with Danish universities and technology development centres.
  • A critical mass of world-leading industry players.
  • Support for establishing a European headquarter.

The Danish sound technology industry works across sectors, businesses and research institutions – the ideal conditions for staying ahead.

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If you would like to learn more about your business opportunities in the Danish sound technology industry, please do not hesitate to reach out to our dedicated advisors: