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Europe’s hotbed for smart city investment

Denmark is a growing market for smart city solutions. As many international businesses have found, our testing and demonstration facilities are world class.

Intelligent transport systems, intelligent lighting and climate adaptation management – smart city development is top of the agenda in many Danish municipalities. For urban infrastructure companies, that means opportunities for big business.

Global innovators have already identified Denmark as the ideal place to test and develop smart city solutions. Our proactive approach to research, development and smart city technology – not to mention the high level of municipal commitment –  has inspired some of the world’s most dynamic and innovative companies to make substantial investments.

Denmark is big on smart city labs

We are home to the largest smart city lab in Europe – the Danish Outdoor Living Lab – where companies can carry out real-life tests of smart urban services and showcase their performance.

Why should you place your smart city activities in Denmark?

  • 50% of Danish municipalities are working with smart city technology.
  • 80% of these municipalities expect to do more in the years ahead.
  • Excellent opportunities to enter strategic partnerships with public sector authorities.
  • National green targets are driving more investments, for example fossil-free Denmark by 2050 and Copenhagen as the first carbon-neutral city by 2025.

Selected case For Citelum, Denmark is a home away from home

The French company Citelum established a local headquarters and operational site in Denmark after winning a 10 million EUR contract to install energy-efficient street lighting in the City of Copenhagen. Part of the capital’s smart city strategy, the contract covers renewal, development, operation and maintenance.

Selected case Cisco eyes multi-billion value generation

Cisco has partnered with the City of Copenhagen to reduce carbon emissions and improve urban living.  At the heart of the project is a street laboratory based on Internet of Everything (IoE) technology. The global IT company estimates IoE will generate more than 13 billion EUR in revenue over the next 10 years in the public and private sector worldwide.

Big data and IoT – our complementary strongholds

Denmark is a well-established centre for big data and Internet of Things (IoT) technology – and there are many opportunities for R&D collaboration with leading universities and research centres.

The truth is Denmark has one of the world’s most digitised public sectors and the highest number of IoT devices per capita in Europe. No wonder Denmark has a reputation as an ideal starting point for big data exploration.

Denmark’s smart city commitment

The two largest urban areas in Denmark have set ambitious smart city targets.

The Danish capital, Copenhagen, aims to become the world’s first carbon-neutral capital by 2025. To achieve this, the city is implementing innovative solutions for water and heating supplies, transportation, waste management and alternative energy sources.

Denmark’s second largest city, Aarhus, is forging a digitalisation strategy in close collaboration with its citizens, academia, private companies and public authorities.

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