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Get connected to our Communication Technology cluster

Global heavyweights choose Denmark's Communication Technology - one of the world's strongest for wireless & mobile technology and software engineering. 
Large, global corporations have already invested in research and development facilities in Denmark – Huawei, Samsung, Microsoft, Intel and Google are among them.

The strong interplay between universities and industry makes Denmark the perfect incubator for tomorrow’s wireless and mobile technology. Specialist expertise and a culture for sharing knowledge keep Denmark at the forefront of innovation.

Place your wireless and mobile technology activities in Denmark and gain access to:

  • A wireless cluster with world-class competencies in mobile technology. Competence areas include LTE/LTE Advanced, Bluetooth, Internet of Things (IoT), location-based services, antennas and sound, MIMO, machine-learning, blockchain, and ultra-reliable connectivity for mission critical systems.
  • Excellent public-private partnerships where internationally respected research and educational institutions work closely with industry.
  • Competent R&D engineering talent with a tradition for sharing skills and technologies.
  • Thousands of innovative digital start-up companies.
  • Proven track record within the design and development of user interfaces, handsets and software.

The birthplace of the GSM phone

The first GSM phone was developed in Denmark in 1981, giving Denmark a historic position in international mobile communication research and development.

Since then, our mobile technology industry has continued to make an important contribution to international R&D. New actors continue to enter the field, and sectors merge to create innovative telecommunication synergies.

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To learn more about the Danish wireless and mobile technology industry, please do not hesitate to contact one of our dedicated advisors: