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500 million consumers are only a day away

Denmark's well-developed infrastructure and central location give your logistics and distribution activities the fastest and smoothest access to Europe.

Send next-day deliveries to 65% of Europe’s heartland – more than 500 million consumers – using Denmark’s well-developed distribution infrastructure by land, air and sea. That makes Denmark the logical base for your next logistics and distribution adventure.


  • Resilient and flexible infrastructure with world-class transportation by land, air and sea.
  • Attractive location at the gateway to Scandinavia and with close links to Northern Europe.
  • Next-day delivery to more than 500 million consumers.
  • Home to leading logistics service providers such as Maersk and DSV
  • Copenhagen Airport, continuously rated the most efficient in Europe
  • Excellent shipping opportunities, including 25 ports with frequent international shipments.
  • One of the highest IT penetrations in the world and a world-class digital infrastructure, enabling technologically advanced logistics and distribution services.

Mitigate risks and the likelihood of disruption of supply chains

Regardless of your chosen means of transportation, your customers and partners will receive their goods on time and in perfect condition.

Denmark is #1 in the world on distribution infrastructure

(IMD, 2020)

By land…

Since the opening of the Great Belt Bridge in 1998 and the Øresund Bridge between Denmark and Sweden in 2000, Denmark has been the natural gateway to Northern Europe, Scandinavia and the Baltic region. The well-developed rail and road network with toll-free highways gives swift and easy access to these markets.
The construction of the Fehmarn Belt Bridge, connecting Germany to Denmark, is planned to start in 2020. With Denmark as your distribution hub, this will bring even greater opportunities to reach Central and Northern European markets.
Two interlinked logistics clusters in east and west Denmark offer an extensive range of logistics facilities, value-added services and service providers.

By air…

The core of the Danish distribution hub is our four international airports with some of the fastest clearing times in Europe, including a cargo transport time of just three hours. In addition to Copenhagen Airport, Denmark has three airports in Jutland: Aalborg, Aarhus and Billund. In addition to Copenhagen Airport, Billund Airport’s Cargo Center is a large air freight hub, located in the middle of the Danish industry, that offers direct access to several overseas destinations, including China.
In 2019, Copenhagen Airport was rated most efficient airport in Europe for the 14th time in the past sixteen years, serving more than 184 destinations (per January 2020). This makes it by far the biggest airport and distribution hub in Scandinavia.

By sea…

Some 75 percent of Danish exports are shipped by sea from around 25 ports. More than 64 million tonnes of international goods are loaded and unloaded at Danish ports every year.

The major industrial ports offer daily connections to overseas destinations and regular connections to major ports in Europe. Freeport and bonded warehousing and roll-on, roll-off / load-on, load-off facilities are available.

At the major Danish ports with international routes you can expect 24-hour service, and some of shortest turnaround times plus some of the most competitive rates in Europe. With Denmark’s strategical sea location in Northern Europe Danish ports serve as the gateway to the entire Baltic Region and the European continent.

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