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Danish health data

We call it "Data for Life". Danish health data is unique and Denmark offers exceptional opportunities to use it for research and development. Both for public and private researchers. Watch the video and learn why we call it Data for Life.

Denmark is the obvious choice for locating your research and development activities. In Denmark, there has been a long tradition for many years of collecting data in the health care system (back to the 1970s) covering the whole population. The Danish health registries and databases contains NO selection bias as universal access to public healthcare eliminates bias and ensures representation from all segments of the population.

Additionally, the Danish national registries make it possible to study Danes throughout their life span. In Denmark, all data from the health registries and databases are linkable using unique personal identification numbers system – a system introduced back in 1968.

Imagine a country that has ...

  • Health data that covers all areas of the health sector

  • Unbiased health data on the entire Danish population from cradle to grave

  • Health data that goes far back in time

  • All data to be linked via a unique personal identification number

  • Health data and socioeconomic data of high quality

  • Data in real time

  • High ethical standards and high level of data security

  • World-class researchers and clinicians

  • A fully digitalized healthcare system and society

  • Many different types of health data and a high degree of detailed data

  • A structured process to get access to health data 

  • A strong ecosystem for health data 

  • A big life science sector

  • A range of data services to support you


 ... This is Denmark

Visit health data denmark for more information or contact one of our sector advisors. 

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