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Setting the agenda for universal healthcare 

International companies choose Denmark as a centre for developing new eHealth products and welfare technology. For 25 years, Denmark has led the integration of digital healthcare.
It is easy to understand why international companies such as Cetrea, IBM and Philips have placed eHealth product development and testing activities in Denmark. As one of the world’s most eHealth-ready countries, we have a strong culture for partnerships between the public and private sector.

The digitalisation of the Danish healthcare sector began more than 25 years ago. Today, we rank number one in the world for the IT systems in our hospitals and general practice surgeries and for digital communication between healthcare sectors. Advanced health research and development is supported at national, regional and municipal level.

On top of all that, we are one of the world’s best locations for information and communication technology, providing an excellent test market for entrepreneurs, start-ups and established IT companies.

When you place your eHealth activities in Denmark, your company gets access to:

  • One of the world’s most eHealth-ready countries, where 94% of citizens are active users of online services, and digital technology is widely employed in the private and public sector. 
  • A strong tradition for close public-private partnerships. Hospitals, regions and municipalities are open to cooperation with Danish and international companies.
  • A culture for user-driven innovation. The Danish healthcare system provides great opportunities for involving patients and staff in new product development.
  • Easy access to real-life product testing, with excellent framework conditions and openness towards pilot projects.

Benefit from a strong cooperative culture

Denmark is characterised by a strong networking and cooperation culture, supported by efficient cluster organisations for eHealth and welfare technology. Two examples are the membership organisations Welfare Tech and RoboCluster. Both work to promote and facilitate product and service innovation.

Selected cases Global forces that have chosen Denmark

Cetrea has helped Horsens hospital improve its utilisation of surgical facilities from 82% to 88% – reducing the risk of cancellation by a third. Cetrea is now supplying four of the five Danish regional health authorities. It was recently hailed one of Europe’s most innovative companies.

IBM has established a strong presence in the Danish market for health IT services following its acquisition of the Danish business Acure in 2004.

Philips is developing innovative healthcare solutions in partnership with Denmark’s regional health authorities.

First telemedicine platform on track

Hundreds of telemedicine pilot projects have run in Denmark in recent years, adding to the growing wealth of knowledge about telemedicine solutions and implementation.

Based on this track record, in 2017 the Danish Agency for Digitisation launched the first tender for developing and implementing a new national telemedicine platform. The goal is that chronic lung disease patients will be able to use the platform –  the first of many telemedicine solutions – during 2019.

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