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Looking for The right place in Europe for clinical trials?

Look no further! For a growing number of the world’s major life science companies, the answer is Denmark. Let us provide you with a short introduction to the reasons why Denmark is such a great location. 

All the right conditions  

Continuous optimization of clinical trial processes and procedures, a highly-skilled workforce, excellent hospitals and researchers, and much more, makes Denmark a very attractive place for international pharmaceutical companies wanting to conduct clinical research and trials.

Denmark is an increasingly attractive location for businesses that depend on clinical trials. In recent years, the various Danish governments have taken active steps to boost the life sciences industry by building on the already strong national healthcare system and world-class environment for business and science. This also includes a keen political focus on improving the framework conditions for conducting clinical trials in Denmark.

Most recently, the Danish government has presented a new Danish Life Science Strategy comprising 38 initiatives, of which eighteen of the initiatives aims to the framework conditions for clinical trails such as: 

  • lowering the fees associated with clinical trials.
  • bringing down approval time for clinical trials, already among the fastest in Europe.
  • initiating a new pilot project on virtual clinical trials, and lastly.
  • making patient data more accessible. 

National entry point for companies 

To make it easier and more attractive for global companies to conduct clinical trials in Denmark, a single entry point named Trial Nation was established in 2018. The services of Trial Nation includes: 

  • Investigator identification.
  • A coordinated feasibility process with a national response from hospital sites within five days.
  • Access to Trial Nations legal network offering legal advice and national contract negotiations.
  • Access to established clinical specialty centers and national networks within oncology, hematology, dermatology, pediatrics, respiratory diseases, infectious diseases and dementia.
  • And access to established partnerships with hospitals, scientists and patient networks – all free of charge. 

Trial Nation has also a focus on clinical trials within the MedTech industry. 

Decentralised clinical trials 

A current topic within clinical trials is ‘decentralised clinical trials’. This is also the case for the Danish Medicines Agency (DKMA), which actively is supporting the development in decentralised clinical trials. The Agency has started a project with the aim of ensuring a contemporary and robust regulatory framework for digitalisation and decentralisation of clinical trials. Through this commitment, Denmark will maintain its strong position in clinical research for the benefit of patients. DKMA encourage sponsors to contact them and initiate a dialogue about all decentralised trials.

Furthermore, they wish to collaborate on conduction of pilot projects with elements of decentralised clinical trials. To ensure strong interactions between authorities, patients, researchers, and the industry, DKMA and Trial Nation have set up a forum for dialogue on decentralised clinical trials. The forum provides opportunity for discussion of views, barriers, and experiences with DCT and of regulatory processes, which are not framed at present.

Top 10 Reason for why your company should conduct clinical trials in Denmark: 

  • Political commitment at national level

    The Danish government takes active steps to boost the life sciences industry, including the initiation of a national life science strategy in 2021. 

  • A strong healthcare industry

    Denmark has a strong, innovative and productive healthcare industry, covering pharmaceuticals, biotechnology, Digital Health and medical technology. 

  • World-class research standards 

    Medical and health science is the most prioritised research area in Denmark, accounting for more than a third of all public investments. Denmark is also a world leader for private investments in drug research and development. 

  • Highly qualified labour 

    In Denmark, it is easy to recruit staff with the right medical expertise at the highest international level. The number of Master’s degree and PhD graduates within the healthcare area is growing. 

  • Tradition for public-private partnerships 

    Industry, academia and authorities often join forces. Trial Nation, acting as a single point of entry for companies conducting clinical trials in Denmark, is a great example of this. 

  • Excellent framework conditions for medical research and clinical trials 

    Denmark offers world-class patient registries, civil registries and biobanks. This provides access to detailed patient data, facilitating epidemiological and pharmaceutical research. 

  • Efficient public authorities 

    The Danish authorities provide fast and service oriented handling of inquiries from the private sector. Processing of applications for clinical trials is highly efficient. 

  • The best clinical trial subjects 

    Danish patients and healthy subjects for clinical trials are readily identified and monitored. They are highly educated and generally positive about participating in research. 

  • Number of clinical trials 

    Denmark ranks no. 2 in Europe for conducting most clinical trials per capita. 

  • Attractive to foreign investors 

    Denmark is characterised by political, economic and regulatory stability and offers a low corporate tax rate, flexible labour market conditions and simple procedures for establishing a business.



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