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A century of knowhow in farming and food

Danish agriculture and food technology is one of our biggest export adventures – built on high productivity with low environmental impact.

Danish farmers and food companies are among the world’s leaders in sustainable food production – and they still produce nearly three times more food than our 5.6 million citizens can eat.

The secret of their efficiency began with the Danish cooperative movement over a century ago. Since then, close cooperation between farmers, consultants, researchers and businesses is a tradition that has stuck – and still gives results.

High global demand

Today, progressive farming methods and sophisticated processing technologies are at the heart of the Danish food industry’s adventure. Of the food technology we produce, 80% is sold to international food and agriculture companies that value its high quality, efficiency and ability to minimise food waste.

Many international companies have established centres of excellence in Denmark to tap into Danish expertise. FOSS, GEA Process Engineering, Haas Group, Tetra Pak, SPX and Marel are among them.

Reasons to invest in the Danish agriculture and food technology sector:

  • Access to highly efficient technology with a low environmental impact.
  • Private-public partnerships across the value chain, for example in packaging solutions, automation and safety.
  • Strong focus on turning waste streams into value and building a circular economy.
  • Excellent conditions for working with new international partners.

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