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Sustainable Food Technologies 

Look to Denmark for inspiration on the newest technologies addressing the global challenge of transforming our food systems to provide safe, healthy and sustainable food. To accommodate the growing global population and the increased demand for “better food for more”, Denmark is developing new sustainable food and agricultural technologies for the benefit of all. 

State of Green

In Denmark, we are proud of the fact that as a nation we produce three times as much food as we consume. At the same time,  we are even more proud that, we top the rankings of most sustainable nations in the world. 

Denmark ranks #1 in 2019 and #2 in 2020 out of 166 countries on the 2020 SDG Index

be inspired by others: Japanese conglomerates Marubeni and Nippon Suisan and Taiwan-based YesHealth invested in Denmark

The Danish recipe for sustainable food systems is made up of innovative technologies and sustainable solutions, heavily flavoured with concern for the climate and spiced with low-priced renewable energy.
Foreign companies have quite an appetite for this, so let yourself be inspired by the fascinating stories of three very different businesses that have decided to become part of the Danish food ecosystem.

Whitepaper We all know the challenges

Have a look at Food Nations Denmark’s white paper on Innovative Technology and see how Denmark is part of the solution: 

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Denmark is the epicentre of advanced food and agriculture technology – helping your business stay competitive.

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