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The whole world’s playground for green transportation

Low and zero-emission vehicles have a headstart in Denmark, where a green infrastructure is fully in place. Here you can test self-driving vehicles on the highway.
There is no stopping the fossil-free revolution that is driving us all towards a future with greener transportation. If your business is part of that move, then Denmark is a great destination for your European activities.

You will soon find that Danish organisations are at the forefront of green technology and knowhow.

Be a part of our green movement

Denmark already has a national fuelling infrastructure in place for electric, hydrogen and natural gas vehicles. And our maritime industry is both establishing liquefied natural gas terminals and focussing on green gasses in its technology development.

In 2017, the Danish parliament made it possible to conduct pilot projects with self-driving level 4 vehicles on public roads. These are the types of vehicle that can drive themselves without a driver present but can be managed by remote control. Our special advisor can help you with the rules and guidelines that apply.

When you set up green transport activities in Denmark, your company gets access to:

  • R&D collaboration with Danish universities and municipalities.
  • Ideal conditions for establishing your European headquarters.
  • Technology development centres.
  • A critical mass of world-leading industry players.
  • Extensive private-public cooperation.
  • An excellent test market.

Flexible business opportunities

Denmark has a proactive approach to the development of new and green transport technologies. Good framework conditions exist for all types of green transportation solutions, whether electric or gas based.

Nationwide hydrogen fuelling stations making it as fast and easy to refuel with hydrogen as it is with conventional fuel.  It is thanks to this advanced infrastructure that Denmark is one of only four countries in the world where hydrogen car manufacturers introduce all their models.

When it comes to electric vehicles, there are plenty of public charging stations to be found when drivers are on the road.

Selected cases Foreign investments in green technology

Global companies such as E.ON, Clever, NEL Hydrogen and Tesla are behind Denmark’s nationwide fuelling infrastructure for electric and natural gas vehicles. In addition, Air Liquide has established a hydrogen production facility in Denmark.

Contact How can we help your company?

If you want to know more about the green transportation industry in Denmark, please do not hesitate to reach out to our dedicated green transport advisors: