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Go green with our strong bioenergy industry

The bioenergy industry is the biggest contributor to Denmark's green energy transition - offering lucrative opportunities for international companies that are looking to invest.

Denmark strongly encourages the production and use of bioenergy through supportive government initiatives and ambitious political targets for renewable energy. Our extensive agricultural sector, including large livestock farms, are a key source of the feedstock.

The green transition could not have been possible without our large-scale power plants, which are moving from fossil fuels to solid biomass. At the same time, consistent policy support and technological advancements have enabled a rapid increase in the production of biogas.

With positive conditions like that, it is no surprise that we have a strong bioenergy cluster. For international players, the investment opportunities are substantial. 

Place your bioenergy activities in Denmark and benefit from:

  • Conducive government incentives, including grants for biogas plants.
  • Long-term biogas subsidies for upgrading biogas to methane of natural gas quality.
  • A growing biogas sector – 40 large biogas plants are under construction or planned by 2020. If all plans are realised, production will increase from 4.3 petajoules in 2014 to 20 petajoules.
  • A strong agricultural sector with 50% of the manure from pig and cattle farms to be utilised for biogas by 2020.
  • Ambitious climate targets, including the goal to use renewables for 50% of total energy consumption by 2030.
  • A long-standing tradition for continuous research and development where companies and universities enter strategic collaborations with foreign companies and research institutions. 
  • A number of funding opportunities available at various stages of business maturity. These include the Energy Technology Development and Demonstration Program (EUDP), which supports private companies and universities in developing and demonstrating new energy technology.
  • A strong bioenergy industry hub, which is a first-mover and live testing ground for energy technology based on biofuels and biogas. We also lead the development of combined heat and power plants (CHP), which are increasingly fuelled by waste and biomass.

The Danish bioenergy cluster in numbers

  • 1,200 companies.
  • 11,500 jobs.
  • 3.3 bn. EUR turnover.
  • 1.1 bn. EUR exports.
Source: DI Bioenergi, FORCE and INBIOM.

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