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Take a deep dive into the quantum technology ecosystem in Denmark.

Denmark is one of the strongest hubs for quantum technology in the world and the most innovation-friendly country in Europe. That makes us an attractive location for entering the second quantum era.

The strong interplay between world-renowned researchers and a long tradition for Public Private Partnerships is just part of the reason why Denmark is the perfect incubator for companies developing solutions enabled by quantum technology to solve complex problems. 

Another reason is our strong innovation system that can offer access to knowledge and expertise in areas that are key to driving the development of new quantum technology for quantum computing, -communication and -sensing.

Download the fact sheet and learn more about Denmark as a quantum hotspot for bringing your quantum solutions to market.

Download quantum fact sheet

Learn all about Denmark as a quantum hotspot for bringing your quantum solutions to market.

Quantum research strenghts in Denmark

Quantum Sensing

New approaches to sensing in proof-of-principle demonstrations of magnetic-field detection beyond quantum limits (ultra-precise measurement).

Quantum Electronic Computing

New kind of information processing, in which quantum parallelism is used as a resource to greatly accelerate computational speed.

Photonic Quantum Technology

Novel devices based on photons and hardware development for photonic quantum simulators, quantum networks, quantum cryptography, and novel light sources.

Quantum Communication

Development of completely new systems for high-rate quantum key distribution (QKD) that efficiently solves all the challenges in a single system for the first time.

Quantum Electronic Materials

Synthesis and characterization of the essential material platforms.


  • Work with internationally recognized quantum technology researchers and research groups through R&D collaborations with Danish universities
  • Get access to state-of-the art research facilities and consultancy services through Danish government-approved Research and Technology Organisations
  • Take advantage of funding schemes financed by the Danish Innovation Fund in collaboration with Danish partners in industry and academia
  • Benefit from working in a multidisciplinary ecosystem that can drive complicated R&D with world-class competences within data science, nano-technology, photonics and material science
  • Collaborate with a critical mass of world-leading industry players in e.g. pharma, fintech and robotics to develop and test NISQ era applications

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