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Connect with Denmark

the data hub of Northern europe

Discover the reasons why Denmark is a top location for data centre activities.

Are you looking to get well-connected? Then Denmark is a great choice of location. Our high-speed fibre cables connect the entire Nordic region with central Europe and we are the only Nordic country with direct data transmission to the US. New subsea cables will soon make those connections even better.

Hyperscalers like Apple, Facebook and Google have recognised other key Danish advantages, too – like the reliable supply of low-cost, renewable power and the possibility to warm thousands of homes sustainably with data centre waste heat. All three technology giants have acquired large-scale sites and many mid-size cloud service operators are now doing the same.

There are many good reasons to take a closer look at Denmark.

Why place data centre activities in Denmark?

  • 99,997 % power grid uptime

    Denmark has an exceptional reliable power grid. Only Luxembourg has a marginally higher power grid uptime.    

  • Low latency and excellent fibre connectivity to Europe and the US

    Denmark offers high-speed fibre connections to Europe and the US, which will be further improved in 2019.

  • Access to green electricity

    More than 70% of Danish power is based on renewable sources – rising to 100% by 2030.

  • Cool climate makes free air cooling an attractive option

    Denmark has a stable climate, which makes energy and cost efficient air cooling possible all year around.

  • Competitive Nordic electricity prices

    The electricity costs in Denmark are below the EU28 average. Towards 2022, the electricity costs in Denmark will be further reduced.

  • Fast and smooth construction processes

    In Denmark, you will get the fastest construction permits according to the World Bank (2018).

What the tech companies say

We have seen a very interesting development in the Danish market over the last couple of years due to a successful national strategy to prioritise and invest in fibre connections and the right energy setup.
Gisle M. Eckhoff, CEO DigiPlex