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World-leading Indian IT company invests heavily in Danish IT startup

The world-leading Indian IT-company, Infosys, has invested in the Danish IT startup, UNSILO. The investment of close to 15 million DKK has been made by Infosys’ innovation fund and marks its first investment in Europe.

"We see Denmark as a global hub of world-class innovation with talented people, a good education system and a track record of entrepreneurial success. UNSILO have built an impressive semantic search engine with best-in-class text intelligence, which powers a range of advanced business processes. We will partner with UNSILO to bring their artificial intelligence and machine learning technology to our global clients. They join an expanding portfolio of innovative young companies from around the world that Infosys works with to help enterprises drive their digital transformation," says Ritika Suri, Executive Vice President and Global Head of Corporate Development & Ventures at Infosys.

The investment brings joy in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Denmark, where the Danish Minister for Foreign Affairs, Kristian Jensen, looks forward to welcoming Infosys to Denmark.

Foreign investments are very important to the Danish economy and employment. The investment shows that it is attractive for global IT companies to look to Denmark and Danish companies for business development. It confirms the trend of foreign investment in Denmark being on the rise – accounting for entire 684 billion DKK in 2015.

Kristian Jensen, Danish Minister for Foreign Affairs Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Denmark

“We are very excited about the partnership with Infosys. Making sense of any large amount of unstructured text is a huge challenge for many industries. Pairing our ground-breaking technology with Infosys’ deep client relationships together with strong capabilities in project delivery and go-to-market will provide us with a unique opportunity to bring our services to several new industries and expand globally far more quickly,” says Chief Executive Officer at UNSILO, Thomas Laursen.

Invest in Denmark arranged the fact-finding mission, where Infosys was introduced to UNSILO, which later resulted in the investment.

fact About Infosys and UNSILO

Infosys is the second-largest IT-company in India and world-leading within technology services and consulting, helping clients in more than 50 countries. The investment in UNSILO from Infosys’ 500 million USD innovation fund is part of their strategy to build up future competences and create a truly global rel="noopener noreferrer" organisation.

UNSILO is a Danish artificial intelligence startup focused on advanced text analysis. UNSILO uses a unique combination of machine-learning and natural language processing to analyse large quantities of text and improve the speed and effectiveness of knowledge workers across many industries.

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