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Leading Japanese pharmaceutical company praises Copenhagen’s  approach to business

It was no coincidence when Japan's second largest pharmaceutical company decided on Copenhagen as the location for their new Nordic headquarters. According to the Global Chief of Research and Development at Daiichi Sankyo, the Danish capital's entrepreneurial ecosystem is unique, offering great conditions for doing business.
Year after year, Denmark is ranked as the easiest place in Europe for business and a European leader in innovation. This was among the main reasons why Japan's second largest pharmaceutical company, Daiichi Sankyo, decided on Copenhagen for its new Nordic headquarter over other Nordics cities such as Stockholm and Lund. According the Japanese company, the city stands out when it comes the way of doing business.

All locations can offer something great, however Copenhagen has a more entrepreneurial approach to doing business and there are more incubators.

Antoine Yver, Global Chief of Research and Development Daiichi Sankyo

Placing a Nordic headquarter in Copenhagen comes with numerous strategic benefits. For example, Daiichi Sankyo will reside at Copenhagen Bio Science Park, COBIS, which is located in central Copenhagen among neighbours such as Copenhagen University Hospital, Faculty of Health Sciences and the Faculty of Pharmaceutical Sciences from Copenhagen University.

Direct connection to the heart of research and treatment

Innovation is vital in everything we do, from pursuing new medicines and new methods of drug discovery and delivery, to achieving excellence throughout our organisation by continuously examining new ideas. This is why we have decided to established our new affiliate at COBIS. It connect us directly with the heart of research and treatment.

Patrik Grandits, Managing Director and Head of Commercial Operations Oncology at Daiichi Sankyo Europe
Due to COBIS’ central location in Copenhagen, Daiichi Sankyo will be close customers and business partners at Denmark’s leading hospitals and the Karolinska Institute in Sweden. The close cooperation between private and public organisations was among the features of the Danish life sciences environment, which impressed the Japanese pharmaceutical giant.

We are already very engaged in a couple of projects and plan to be an active participant in the ecosystem around the Medicon Valley region, where we are especially impressed by the high level of R&D and clinical research within oncology.

Patrik Grandits, Managing Director and Head of Commercial Operations Oncology at Daiichi Sankyo Europe
Daiichi Sankyo primarily focuses on the development of new pharmaceuticals for cancer, especially within immunotherapy.

Why establish your nordic base in Denmark?

1. We are consistently ranked as one of the easiest places to do business, while also being among the least corrupt countries in the world.

2. Our efficient public sector as well as the unique collaboration opportunities between public and private partners sets us apart as an attractive investment destination.

3. We have a strong, innovative and productive healthcare industry, covering pharmaceuticals, biotechnology, medical technology and eHealth.

4. Danes are motivated, well-educated and efficient – a highly attractive asset for foreign companies operating in Denmark.

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