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Japanese and Danish Web Design meets in beautiful harmony in Copenhagen

Design is a field where both Denmark and Japan have a unique historical & cultural heritage and are internationally famed and respected. Now the two worlds meet with the opening of the Japanese digital design studio Garden Eight in Copenhagen.

Garden Eight is a multi-award-winning digital production team from Japan specialising in visual design, web design and web development. Founded in Asakusabashi, Tokyo in 2011, the company has just opened their European headquarters in Copenhagen.

Before their arrival to Europe, Garden Eight have won 'Site of the Day' 15 times from Awwwards, and 'FWA of the Day' 10 times from FWA – (Favourite Website Awards), whose international team of over 300 judges from 35+ countries vote daily on submitted projects. Garden Eight have also been nominated for 'Studio of the Year' from Awwwards - a professional web design and development competition body whose jury consists of multidisciplinary designers, developers, journalists, and agencies from across the world. 

Natsuko Sakai, Garden Eight’s European Director, explains why they chose Denmark as their first location outside of Japan:
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“Europe and the US both have excellent web design. The EU has a lot of countries and cultures and is a melting pot of talent and design. Our team travelled to London, Barcelona, Paris and New York to take a closer look but we never felt completely convinced. And then we all quickly fell in love with Denmark.”
Citing the similarities to the design philosophy of Japan, Garden Eight noted a delicate balance of beauty and functionality of Danish design – seen all around in furniture, architecture, and city design - all beautiful, comfortable and human-centric.
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“There is a perfect match to the Japanese way of thinking - an originality in the minimalism of a concept. Danes are very warm and caring to others. Denmark has a very deep understanding of what it is to be human – and this is at the heart of its design-centred approach. The Danish design thinking and human-centred approach to innovation certainly played a role in our decision to locate in Denmark”
Next step for Garden Eight is to expand their Danish network and start engaging in new projects with companies & brands as well as attracting new talents to work in the Copenhagen headquarters.

Garden Eight have been supported by both Invest in Denmark and Copenhagen Capacity in establishing their European headquarters in Copenhagen.

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