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Remilk to build the world’s largest precision fermentation facility in Denmark

Food-tech innovator prepares to massively scale dairy-identical, non-animal milk protein production in an innovative sustainable circular park in Denmark.

Remilk, a global leader in the development of animal-free dairy, has announced they will be building the world’s largest precision fermentation facility in Denmark.

Remilk produces dairy-identical milk proteins through a precision fermentation process and has developed a unique and patented approach to scalable manufacturing, which dramatically increases efficiency in production. 

Assisted by Invest in Denmark, Remilk found the right land plot in Kalundborg, where they have chosen to locate their first state-of-the-art manufacturing facility after conducting an extensive search across Europe.

The new facility will be built on more than 75,000 square meters of newly acquired land. It will produce non-animal dairy protein for use in products like cheese, yogurt and ice cream, in volumes equivalent to that produced by 50,000 cows each year. Remilk will be investing hundreds of million Danish kroner in the new facility, which is also set to create a significant amount of local jobs in Kalundborg.

Denmark’s strong focus on sustainability was a key driver for Remilk’s choice to locate their facility in Denmark. As an example, 70% of Denmark’s electricity already comes from renewables (primarily wind) with goals to reach 100% by 2027. In order to reach the overall goal of 70% reduction in CO2 emissions by 2030, the Danish government have set similarly ambitious sustainability targets across industries and across the value chain. 

After the successful close of USD 120 million in Series B funding earlier this year, Remilk chose Kalundborg because of its powerful approach to industrial sustainability and its world-class ecosystem following a strong collaboration with and support from both the city of Kalundborg and the Danish government. 

Kalundborg’s Symbiosis Project is a pioneering circular economy ecosystem where byproducts of one company become input for another, in a truly collaborative effort to optimize resources and increase efficiency across production facilities.

It aligns seamlessly with Remilk’s leadership and ambition to transform the dairy supply chain making it less reliant on animals and more sustainable. Remilk’s protein enables the production of products that are indistinguishable in taste and function from traditional dairy, but free of lactose, cholesterol, and growth hormones.  According to a report by Boston Consulting Group and Blue Horizon Corporation, alternative proteins could account for 11% ($290bn) of the global protein market by 2035. Dairy produced via precision fermentation requires a fraction of Earth’s resources and emits a fraction of the harmful greenhouse gas emissions of animal dairy.

Denmark is also an ideal location for further innovation and R&D with world-class food ingredients and life science clusters and excellent fermentation competences, central to their success. It gives Remilk access to a deep pool of local talent nurtured by research institutions, public and private companies including industry giants, which are also present at Symbiosis such as Novozymes, Novo Nordisk, and Chr. Hansen - all of which also rank among the world’s most sustainable companies.

"We are very happy to welcome Remilk to Denmark. This investment is a recognition of Denmark’s position as a global leader in sustainable food production and innovation. Remilk brings important knowledge to Denmark in terms of research and development within food ingredients and dairy products. I am convinced that the opening of Remilk’s production facility in Denmark will be an important step towards an even more sustainable future for the food and dairy industries."

Anne Hougaard Jensen
Director of Invest in Denmark, Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Denmark. 

Invest in Denmark is pleased to have assisted Remilk during their decision-making process helping with research, analysis and benchmarking against other locations, providing information on framework conditions and connecting Remilk with relevant authorities, potential partners, suppliers and service providers in order to support the project from an early stage. 

About remilk

Remilk is a global leader in the development of animal-free dairy. The company was founded by Aviv Wolff, an entrepreneur behind several business and social initiatives, and Ori Cohavi, PhD in Biochemistry, who has worked in R&D at a variety of biotech firms. They founded Remilk driven by a shared dedication to improving life on earth by learning from nature, while preserving it.

Remilk produces dairy-identical milk proteins through precision fermentation and has developed a unique and patented approach to scalable manufacturing, which dramatically increases efficiency in production, and, for the first time in history, eliminates the need for dairy cows in industrial-scale dairy production, without compromising on taste, functionality, or nutritional values.

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