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Infarm expands production in Denmark

Assisted by Invest in Denmark, German urban farming company Infarm is expanding its operations in Denmark enabling them to deliver herbs and salads across the country. 

Infarm’s activities

Infarm is the world’s fastest-growing vertical farming company, operating 1,850 farming units in 11 countries. By establishing plant growth facilities close to urban centres and retail distribution hubs, Infarm is supporting cities in becoming self-sufficient in their food production, while significantly improving the safety, quality, and environmental footprint of food production. Infarm’s farming method involves, on average, 95% less land, 95% less water and significantly less miles to get to the consumers compared to traditional agriculture.

"I am very pleased with Infarm’s choice to invest further in Denmark as they bring both sustainable production of food plus a social commitment to persons with disabilities. Impact investments from companies like Infarm are a natural match for Denmark - economic growth combined with a global green, digital and socially sustainable transition".
Anne Hougaard Jensen Director at Invest in Denmark

Environmental and social conscious

In addition to producing environmentally friendly, fresh vegetables, Infarm is a company that seeks to impact their local environments in other positive ways. For example, Infarm has committed to the Science Based Targets initaitive's framework, a clearly defined pathway for companies to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, helping prevent the worst impacts of climate change in line with the Paris Climate Agreement goals.

Infarm has also implemented ESG standards (Environmental, Social, and Governance) and further sustainability standards and is in the process of becoming B Corp certified. B Corp companies are organisations that demand the highest standards of verified social and environmental performance, public transparency, and legal accountability to balance profit and purpose. Respective commitments are for example related to building efficiency, integrated waste management programs, and improving the sustainability of Infarm’s supply chain and production.

Infarm is also an equal opportunity employer, striving to grow an inclusive environment where everyone can thrive regardless of background and circumstances. In Denmark, for example, Infarm wants to employ people with disabilities. In addition, their employees in Denmark are paid to volunteer at a local NGO for a fixed amount of workdays per year.

"The team from Invest Denmark has been a great help in building a local network of partners for us. Through them, we were able to implement various sustainability initiatives on the ground, collaborate with NGOs and build a strong, inclusive team."
Therese Scherer Country Director for the Nordics at Infarm

Support from Invest in Denmark

Infarm and Invest in Denmark have been in dialogue regarding Denmark as an investment location for more than a year. Throughout the dialogue, Invest in Denmark has supported Infarm with information about the Danish labor market, particularly regarding employees with disabilities; furthermore, Invest in Denmark has assisted with answering questions concerning climate-friendly logistics and waste-reduction in production, and discussed opportunities for further expansion.

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