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Award Winning Bulgarian ingredients company chooses Denmark for their Nordic HQ

Assisted by Invest in Denmark, CMYK Ingredients has established their Nordic headquarter in Copenhagen to be close to the innovative Danish ingredients eco system.

CMYK was founded in 2017 in Bulgaria. The company develops industrial food ingredients based on natural bio-tech: fermentation and sprouting, and has achieved high acclaim where the company has been recognised as one of the seven most innovative companies. They are also part of “500 foodtech powered by forward fooding”. 

CMYK Ingredients has decided to set up their Nordic HQ in Denmark, through the company Sprout Dynamics ApS, to cover the Nordic region and to be close to the innovative Danish ingredients eco system. Their aim is to work closely with Danish universities to develop new product ranges and extend their footprint with disruptive solutions to develop healthy sustainable products.

Sprout Dynamics is planning to expand with at least 10 sprouting plants all over the world within the next several years. Being part of the Danish agri-food-tech ecosystem will be a strong platform supporting them in achieving their ambition as the Danish ingredient industry is addressing the global challenges by making better use of resources, improving access to nutrient and supporting a safe and reliable food supply. 

Iryna Gavrylova, CEO and Chief Innovations Officer, CMYK Ingredients, sees a huge potential for the Ingredients and Food Tech industry in Denmark:  

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“We've been analysing several EU countries for about 2 years and we've consciously chosen Denmark as a country with the long-term strategy and ambition for leadership in plant based ingredients and food-tech that matched ours most precisely. The promise made by the Danish government to support and promote Danish agri-food technologies internationally has been one of the most vibrant inputs into our decision making process.”
Iryna Gavrylova CEO / Chief Innovations Officer, CMYK Ingredients

Cooperation between CMYK Ingredients and Invest in Denmark

The Invest in Denmark team has supported CMYK Ingredients in their establishment in Denmark at different levels. This includes presenting the Danish food and ingredients eco system to CMYK, introducing them to the relevant stakeholders, as well as presenting the attractive R&D conditions. Invest in Denmark has also assisted in information on framework conditions for running a business in Denmark.

We welcome Sprout Dynamics and the rest of the Sprout Dynamics team to Denmark.


Did you know that Denmark is one of the leading hubs for food innovation in the world?

By investing in Denmark, your business could get access to a world-class ecosystem that has a clear focus on developing ingredients and optimising the value chain, which will transform the global food system to provide safe and healthy food for the growing population while respecting nature’s resources. 

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