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Our partners

Invest in Denmark works closely with Investment Partnership West Denmark and Copenhagen Capacity to provide foreign investors with region-specific business opportunities.

Investment Partnership West Denmark

Seamless cooperation between Invest in Denmark and regions across the country ensures comprehensive access to local key clusters and competences.
Investment Partnership West Denmark (FVI), funded by North Denmark Region, Central Denmark Region and Region of Southern Denmark, ensures that key industries and business opportunities in the western part of Denmark are visible and accessible.

Furthermore, Investment Partnership West Denmark combines its in-depth knowledge of local value propositions with Invest in Denmark’s expertise and global network to provide a multifaceted service to your company.

The western Danish regions provide business opportunities within most of the key industries addressed globally by Invest in Denmark. Among others, these include a strong tech cluster with competences within the areas of software development, robotics, acoustics and wireless technologies.

Within the cleantech industry, a large proportion of wind power companies are located in western Denmark and the majority of energy generated by wind turbines comes from this area. Furthermore, western Denmark has proved an ideal location for data centres with major players already present: Apple is building two new data centres, Facebook one and Google has acquired land in Fredericia and Aabenraa.

Within the eHealth industry, the western Danish regions offer your company strong commercial networks and knowledge institutions within the areas of robotics and welfare technology, combined with a great environment for testing your ideas. Last, but not least, the food industry is well represented with easy access to producers, innovators and researchers, which has already attracted several foreign investors like Marel, Tetra Pak and Firmenich. 

Copenhagen Capacity

Looking to explore opportunities in Greater Copenhagen?

Foreign companies, investors and start-ups can benefit from the close cooperation between Invest in Denmark and Copenhagen Capacity. Together we combine our expertise to help your business identify and capitalise on business opportunities in Greater Copenhagen - from initial considerations to final establishment.

As the official organisation for investment promotion and economic development in Greater Copenhagen, Copenhagen Capacity offers access to the most well-connected network in Greater Copenhagen and to concrete business opportunities in the region.

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Investment Partnership West Denmark (FVI)

10 regional advisors, placed in Aalborg, Aarhus, Silkeborg, Kolding, Odense and Hamburg, help you discover business opportunities in various Danish regions. For further information, please see the latest annual report (in Danish).  

Copenhagen Capacity

Business development experts help your business to a successful start in Greater Copenhagen, free of charge. Copenhagen Capacity is based in central Copenhagen. For further information, please see