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New large investment in Danish quantum cryptography

A new innovation consortium aims to secure a Danish share of the rapidly growing technology market through development of an ultra-secure cryptographic system based on quantum physics.
Denmark has strong legacy within quantum technology going back to the discoveries of Niels Bohr and today, Denmark is one of the leading countries in the world in the field of quantum communication research. 
With the aim of realizing the business potential and creating fertile ground for a new Danish high-tech industry, the Danish Innovation Fund has invested DKK 22.5 mio. in the so-called CryptQ project.
For the next 3 years, the consortium behind CryptQ will develop a secure and cost-effective technology for quantum communication using QKD (Quantum Key Distribution) to enable that information sent via the regular fiber network will not be intercepted by anyone.
quote ikon
“The growing global threat posed by cybercrime will lead to a strong demand for security solutions that are resistant to the computers of the future. Through our participation in CryptQ, we actively contribute to Danish development of globally leading cryptosystems.”
Christian Jul Jensen CEO of Zybersafe ApS
Besides Zybersafe, the CryptQ also includes Danske Bank and Energinet, who will host and collaborate on field demonstrations of the technology, which CryptQ develops, and have been identified as key areas for applications of quantum cryptography.


Internationally, there is a rapid development of quantum communication technologies and the first quantum networks have already been implemented or is being planned in a number of countries. DTU Physics at The Technical University of Denmark actively participates in this work through several projects under the EU's Quantum Technology Flagship.
quote ikon
“The development is going in the direction of an actual quantum internet. At European level, the infrastructure EuroQCI, which Denmark also has joined, is being planned. CryptQ connects directly to these initiatives, and it is our ambition to put Denmark in a position where we can supply CV-QKD (’continuous variable quantum key distribution’) hardware for large-scale infrastructures such as EuroQCI.”
Professor Ulrik Lund Andersen DTU Physics

Join the CryptQ project PARTNER OPPORTUNIES

Interested companies, also international, are welcome to join the CryptQ project as associated partners and thereby get the opportunity to closely follow the development of the quantum-secured communication technology of the future in Denmark.

Behind CryptQ are:

  • The Technical University of Denmark (Project Lead)
  • Aarhus University
  • NKT Photonics A/S (Fiber lasers)
  • Cryptomatic A/S (Chryptography)
  • Danish National Metrology Institute
  • Danske Bank
  • Energinet

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